LABTA | Los Angeles Business Travel Association


Who is an Allied Member?

Vendors who are actively involved in selling to the corporate market and are the direct suppliers of business travel related services such as airline, ground transportation, lodging, and other specialized services that fall under the control and accountability of corporate travel management.

Who is a Direct Member?

Persons who have an active involvement in supplier selection, negotiation, and/or management of the business travel program. Their responsibilities should include the supervision, control or accountability of corporate travel.

I am a member of GBTA. Am I automatically an LABTA member?

No. LABTA an Official Los Angeles Chapter of the GBTA but membership is applied for and paid for separately. While many of our members are also members of GBTA, LABTA Membership is separate.

Does LABTA have other Member Types?

Yes. We have Press Membership, Academic Membership, Honorary Membership & Retired Memberships. For a full description of each Member type, please visit the Member Type page.

I have changed jobs. Am I still a member of LABTA?

No. The Membership belongs to the company and NOT the individual. You may re-apply with your new company if you are still involved in corporate travel.

When are LABTA meetings?

Meetings are normally held on the second Wednesday of each month, generally in the evening, but two to four times per year they are held as Lunch Meetings.

Where are LABTA meetings held?

Meetings are held at various locations throughout the Los Angeles/Orange County area. For Current Meeting location please visit the Meeting page of the website.

Is there an LABTA Member Directory?

Yes. There is a Membership Directory for Members in the Members Only Section

Is the Member Directory available for sale?

No. The Membership Directory is for Members Only and is not available for sale.