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LABTA is dedicated to broadening the knowledge of travel management professionals. The organization provides the tools, information sources and networks required for effective business travel management. Our monthly meetings and special educational sessions feature prominent industry leaders to speak and participate in panels on travel-related issues.

Hot Topic discussions and focus groups update members on a wide range of topics affecting business operations and profitability, from new technology to changes in business practice that impact the travel industry.

LABTA offers scholarships to educational opportunities and the CCTE (Certified Corporate Travel Executive) Program developed through Cornell University. Scholarships are also madeavailable for other recognized business travel courses and seminars.


LABTA provides an ideal environment for establishing and maintaining business relationships in a professional arena. Monthly meetings provide excellent venues for members to exchange ideas and information in an informal setting.


The LABTA website offers a unique and additional resource for members, visitors, and industry suppliers.

Visitors learn about the many opportunities for education and volunteer opportunities provided by the Chapter.

Members can access the association roster, bylaws, mentor program and job opportunities through the Members Only section. Supplier members are listed with hyperlinks to their websites. This provides a tremendous resource for all LABTA members.

Suppliers can learn about the corporate educational sponsorship program with LABTA and can view present sponsors on the home page. Sponsors are also highlighted on the member companies list page. All sponsor listings have hyperlinks to the corporations' web sites.

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Potential Direct Member Program - If you would like to invite a non-member Corporate Travel Manager or Purchasing Manager to attend a meeting, you can do so at no charge.  They can only attend under this program 1 time, and can not have been a member in the previous 3 years. To register a guest under this program, please call the LABTA office at (818) 848-5578, and let us know what meeting you want the person registered for.